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“Luogo è in inferno detto Malebolge, tutto di pietra di color ferrigno, come la cerchia che dintorno il volge” This is Slam Fighting Championship 6 “Malebolge”, the most brutal and damned Mixed Martial Arts event you ever known. Januray 10th 2014 at the Obi Hall arena in Florence, Italy, starting at 21:00. 10 crude international MMA matches will have peace from eternal damnation in the Main Card of Slam FC 6 “Malebolge” during a scenic atmosphere inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. Before, starting at 19:00, during the Preliminary Card the best italian amateur fighters will clash in a knockout tournament. 

  • Bolgia I (Lightweight Bout) Davide Martinez (1-0-0/No Rules Team) vs Diego Bonomo (0-0-1/Dog Eat Dog)Boh fighters are very physical grapplers with great Wrestling qualities and submission skills besides long term stamina and endurance. The fighters are quite similar in their style and game plan, it will win one who will be better than the other.

  • Bolgia II (Featherweight Bout) Maicol Bianconi(3-1-0/MMA Montecatini) vs Andrea Maniàci (0-0-0/Supernatural Team)Bianconi is an expert MMA fighter with a good record, he has in K1 and Jiu Jitsu skills his best weapons. Maniàci is an expert boxer and a technical blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, he makes his debut in MMA. He looks much big for a featherweight fighter. Technically the fighters are equivalent, experience is on the side of Bianconi but physique is on the side of Maniàci. The game plan can make the difference.

  • Bolgia III (Catchweight Bout) Pietro Trentacoste (0-0-0/Freelance) vs Enrico Gianassi (0-0-0/Action Team)Both fighters are famous players of different teams of the game Palla Grossa, some kind of an ancient and rude football game. They fight each other to define who is the best pound for pound. Trentacoste is a smart and violent boxer with a street fight style. Gianassi is recently training hard in Boxe and Jiu Jitsu but he is just a Rugby player with excellent athlete condition and over than 20kg heavier. This an unpredictable fight open to any solution and completely to discover.

  • Bolgia IV (Welterweight Bout) Massimo Salvatore (2-0-0/Rio Grappling Club) vs Enrico Romano (1-0-0/Aeterna Jiu Jitsu)Salvatore is a clever Jiu Jitsu fighter with two fast wins both for RNC, for this reason he is known as the “Head Hunter”. Romano is big, strong, fit and technical, really well rounded. These two guys represents the best emergent expression of new fighters in the italian welterweight division. This fight is a test and a proof of who is the best, only one remains.

  • Bolgia V (Lightweight Bout) Raffaele Spinelli (2-1-0/WCRA) vs Danilo Iacovino (3-2-0/Dog Eat Dog)These guys are as physically strong as stylistic aggressive. Spinelli is a Jiu Jitsu and Wing Chun expert, Iacovino is a fan of striking with great muay thai and boxe skills. This match will be fast and bloody, the game plan set to the right timing and the right move will be the key of this match.

  • Bolgia VI (Lightweight Bout) Marco Giustarini (2-0-0/Carlson Gracie) vs Vladimir Nikitin (3-1-0/White Rex Fight Team)A comparison of two different MMA styles. Giustarini is undefeated with two fast and important wins before the limit, he is a boxer and he got heavy hands but a great takedown and submission defense too. Nikitin is a classical russian Combat Sambo fighter. He got powerful shots, great takedowns and an heavy ground position control, he is very difficult fighter to beat. Italy vs Russia, a new mixed martial arts cold war.

  • Bolgia VII (Lightweight Bout) Bruce Yulaw (2-1-1/No Rules Team) vs Gabriele Nanosetti (6-2-1/ Dog Eat Dog)Bruce Yulaw is the name of art of Alessio Floris, an ex special forces military expert in fighting techniques. He is a soldier of MMA, trained in fighting situations of life and death. Nanosetti is one of the best italian fighter in this division, he got poison in elbows and knees of his Muay Thai style and his Jiu Jitsu is absolutely not to undervalue. Very fascinating fight.

  • Bolgia VIII (Featherweight Title) Ciro Ruotolo (8-3-0/Nova Invicta) vs Levani Shaishmelashvili (4-1-0/GTU Combat Club) 

Slam FC Featherweight Title. Ruotolo, the champion, is a phenomenal grappler with very physical and technique Jiu Jitsu skills. He is absolutely a master of submissions. Shaishmelashvili, the challenger, on the opposite is a well rounded georgian fighter, Kickboxing world champion and master of Sambo. He got powerful kicks, heavy hands, great takedowns and an impressive submission offense. Great fight between two high level fighters.

  • Bolgia IX (Light Heavyweight Title) Igor Nencioni (4-2-0/Sport Combat Club) vs Pietro Cappelli (1-0-0/Dog Eat Dog)Vacant Slam FC Light Heavyweight Title. Nencioni is an italian legendary wrestler, a very expert Free Style Wrestling specialist and athlete of the italian national team. He is a big, strong and tough fighter. Cappelli is a young new generation fighter with impressive qualities, complete and well rounded as well as big, strong and tough. He is the underdog but he knows that if you want to be a legend you must beat a legend. Here we go!

  • Bolgia X (Heavyweight Title) Alfredo Achilli (9-4-0/ MMA Fighting Team) vs Mauro Cerilli (5-0-0/Boxing Team)Slam FC Heavyweight Title. This match is called ” Caino vs Abele” because Cerilli, the champion, and Achilli, the opponent, are both from the city of Terracina and once they were team mates and so friends to be like brothers too. Now it is different, now they hate each other, now they want to destroy each other. Cerilli is the best italian heavyweight fighter, well rounded sparring partner of the UFC fighter Alessio Sakara. Achilli is an heavy veteran who has made the story of this sport in Italy, with a very simply but efficient style: takedown and ground n’pound. It is not important where, it is not important how, it is not important when, the only thing that matters is to beat the other to be champion, to have revenge, to have peace. “Caino alzò la mano contro il fratello Abele e lo uccise”.

“Vuolsi così colà dove si puote ciò che si vuole, e più non dimandare”

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